Business Ethics Centre

'Insipiring Ethical Business Performance'


Our training is unique, actively engages the participant, & is highly interactive. Real-world scenarios are used to challenge the participant to examine common unethical practices prevalent in the workplace and find practical solutions.

Training Programmes

1. Ethical Leadership Development Programme (ELDP)

  • Board and Executive Ethics Training
  • Ethical Leadership Training
  • Embedding Ethics in Business Strategy
  • Managerial Ethics Training
  • Ethical Benchmarks in Human Capital Management.

2. Employee Ethics Training (EET)

  • Employee Workplace Ethics Awareness Training
  • Ethics for Front Office Staff
  • Public Sector Employee Ethics Training
  • Banking Sector Employee Ethics Training

3. Other

  • Crafting the Code of Ethics
  • Ethics in Procurement
  • Ethics and Staff Motivation
  • Workplace Ethics Awareness Training

Note: These training programmes are also offered in-house.

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