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Applied Behaviour Analyst, HR and Ethics Consultant, Columnist, Ethics Coach, Trainer, and Speaker. 

Bradwell Mhonderwa is a leading authority, distinguished writer, and columnist on Ethics and Governance. He is Founder and Managing Director of Business Ethics Centre. Bradwell has developed a Managerial Ethics Training Module that has become very popular with corporates in the country. Bradwell is a member of the Human Resources Research and Planning Committee of the National Manpower Advisory Council (NAMACO), and he participated in the Thematic Committee on Ethics, Values, and Development, of the National Code on Corporate Governance Project. A devoted Christian, Bradwell is an experienced HR and Risk Management practitioner having worked for a number of key organisations in the country. Bradwell holds a Bachelor of Administration (Industrial Psychology & Development Studies) degree which has contributed to his unique focus on ethics as a management and development issue. He is a candidate for the Master of Arts in Leading Innovation and Change. 

Bradwell has published more than 150 articles on ethics and governance, and has wowed audiences with his straight-forward approach to ethics in business and society at large. His hard-hitting and thought provoking views have unsettled some and inspired others. Bradwell is a frequent speaker on the subject at universities, business conferences, business strategic meetings and networking events. Bradwell draws inspiration from the ethical and values-based leadership of Martin Luther King (Jnr), Nelson Mandela and Mahatma Gandhi.